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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Trend Micro AntiVirus 2008 review

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You might not think of PC-Cillin as one of the antivirus superweights, but a few years back TrendMicro had certainly won the hearts of many with its flagship product. Today the name has changed (it's ugly and longish), but it's still fast, and installs like a breeze.

Updating is easy -- but the update server seemed slow. I remember trying everything I could sometime last year to clean my PC of a worm infection. PC-Cillin found it, but couldn't fix or delete it. In other words, the virus seemed to take over PC-Cillin in a snap, because after that PC-Cillin couldn't even find it!

I didn't have the same virus on my computer, so I couldn't check how v2008 fared against it. In general, Trend Micro products have a history of failing to detect old viruses; even macro and boot viruses. The latest version has got a facelift, can scan links while chatting within AOL and Yahoo IMs (supports latest versions), seems faster, and certainly nails malware better. Independent reviewers haven't really shown much interest in reviewing Trend Micro yet, so you can't find any data on the internet.

In other words, there's no statistical evidence that this antivirus performs better than another. From my experience, it feels like a much-improved piece of software.

The good:

- Good detection rate
- Can scan links within some IMs
- Improved interface
- Fast

The bad:
- Suffers from the PC-Cillin reputation

The ugly:

- Lack of statistical data

Price: $39.95
Go to: Trend Micro website

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