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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Panda Antivirus v2008 review

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I liked the looks of Panda Antivirus. And any antivirus software that's called 'panda' deserves praise :D Panda Antivirus (v 2008) installs quickly, and its real-time scanner is good and even underrated. But the good part stops there.

Panda doesn't seem to respond to new threats quickly enough, and once installed, your PC takes an annoying while to boot (not to mention the panda head icon that appears on the bottom-right corner of your screen and gets on your nerves soon enough. You might even end up appreciating pandas less). Scan speed is poor.

Review camps seem to be uninterested in Panda as well, which makes it hardly a popular choice. Worst part: Panda eats up a lot of your RAM -- surprising, because it's something it didn't use to do in previous versions.

The good:

- Nice interface
- Cheap ($39.95 for 3 users)
- Good detection rate
- Fast installation

The bad:
- Slow scan speed
- Poor response to threats
- Reviewers are uninterested in it

The ugly:

- RAM hog

Price: ($39.95 for 3 users)
Go to: Panda website

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