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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Avira AntiVir Personal Classic 2008 review

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Let me put it this way: AntiVir is a good free antivirus, but it suffers from some issues avast doesn't. (I felt) AntiVir had a better detection rate than avast (contrary to the reviews you'll read), or is just as good. The interface is nice, the red umbrella icon is pleasing, and the real-time scan is definitely better than avast.

The latest version (v7.06.00.268) is, unfortunately, buggier than the previous one. My MSN Messenger refused to run anymore once I installed AntiVir; the website is agonizingly non-intuitive; it takes ages to run the complete scan, and worse, it alerts you when it finds a virus and refuses to move on until you've specified an action. The last feature alone is enough to turn off many users. What's sad is that I used to be an AntiVir devotee once.

The good:

- Decent detection engine
- Good real-time scanner
- Nice interface

The bad:
- Slow scan speed

The ugly:

- Has serious scan configuration issues

Price: Free
Go to: Avira website


Anonymous said...

slow scan speed??
It's 5x faster than avg free 8!

Tashfeen Mahmud said...

At the time of this review AVG 8 wasn't out. Besides, AntiVir did take almost forever to complete the scan, which was surprising because from my experience previous versions scanned pretty fast.

Anonymous said...

You need to go to Configuration on the main GUI-tick Expert Mode box-click the plus sign next to Scan- then select action for concerning files.

You can then set automatic and then choose your primary action from the five listed. The default is interactive, that is why you were being prompted for action.

Hope this helps

Tashfeen Mahmud said...

Which version are you talking about?

Faisal said...

Poor Avira, AVG or Others.

I'm happy with Kaspersky. But Windows Live OneCare is not too bad at all.