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Sunday, March 30, 2008

AVG Anti-virus Free Edition 7.5 review

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AVG is, quite frankly, the most popular free antivirus out there. According to reviews, it has a good detection rate and offers solid protection.

From my experience, it's horrible, and its popularity and critical acclaim (5 stars by CNet and a VB100% award) is one of my great software junkie mysteries. It can't catch viruses, and seems to avoid malware altogether (just because it's free! The pro version doesn't, though). It's not really RAM intensive, but definitely is heavier on system resources compared to AntiVir or even avast. AVG Technologies (formerly Grisoft) isn't really responsive to virus outbreaks, and the updates dealing with a particular situation often appear too late. Real-time scanning is poor.

Last but not the least, the interface gets the job done, but seriously, seriously needs cosmetic surgery.

The good:
- None

The bad:
- Poor detection rate
- Update availability issues

The ugly:
- Ugly interface

Price: Free
Go to: Grisoft website

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Anonymous said...

I know that this is a review of AVG 7.5, but version 8 free is out now. You should really try version 8 on an older computer (like five years old). It can make the system so slow as to be almost unusable.