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Monday, January 21, 2008

ZoneAlarm Antivirus review

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ZoneAlarm is perhaps best known as a great firewall, but these days the company (which has either been sold off to or has been calling itself Check Point) has started offering an antivirus as well. It's essentially a variant of Kaspersky (version 6.0, I believe), but it's not as good. It scanned really, really slowly; it doesn't have enough options for scans; it fared poorly in cleaning up registry entries generated by malware; it came up with false alerts (an area where other antivirus programs have improved greatly); and I really can't trust Check Point on effective user support or disaster management, because they're into firewalls, not antivirus software -- and ZoneAlarm Antivirus doesn't even have a version number, which further suggests that the company isn't really concentrating on it. 

The only reason I'm discussing ZoneAlarm Antivirus at all is it's part of the ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite (v7.1) -- and the bundle comes pretty cheap at $49.95.

The good:
- Decent detection rate
- Cheap

The bad:
- Can't clean up leftover registry entries
- Lacks scan configuration options
- Vista support issues

The ugly:

- Scans really, really slowly

Price: $29.95 (1 user); $49.95 for ZA Security Suite (1 user)
Go to: Check Point product page: antivirus security suite

1 comment:

Mashman said...

I spent 50 bucks on this program because i thought Zonealarm did such a great job with it's free firewall this 50 dollar suite must be great .

Well that thought was very short lived almost as short as my wasted 50 bucks .

#1 the program did not see the virus in the email nor did it flash a warning that one just got installed .

But after i did a scan 1 day later i did inform me a had a problem i thought ok cool it's going to rid me of this virus WRONG it told me the name of it but it said Zonealarm offers no fix to this problem .

So i chucked ZoneAlarm and my money and downloaded a FREE antivirus {Advast) and after the scan it found it a POOF it was gone . To me this is sad because Zonealarm had made a name for it self as a trusted company with it's free firewall only to sell you a half baked suite .

Of course maybe i expect too much out of a product but i would never tell anyone to buy this program