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Monday, January 21, 2008

F-Secure Anti-virus 2008 review

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I ended up using F-Secure for almost the entire trial period. The new version is massively improved and detects viruses in a snap. I've used v2007 as well, and it was pretty good; unfortunately, so-called expert reviews have traditionally underrated F-Secure's virus detection engine (perhaps Finnish companies aren't very popular).

In its current version, F-Secure updates quickly and frequently (in small files, a lot like Kaspersky). The reason I gave up on it is it eats up a lot of RAM (in that respect, it shares the same curse as the otherwise commendable BitDefender).

F-Secure is also pricey: who's ever going to buy an antivirus software for $97?

The good:
- Good detection rate
- Good update mechanism

The bad:
- RAM intensive

The ugly:

- Very expensive compared to current market standards

Price: €65.90 (for 3 users)
Go to: F-Secure website

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