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Monday, January 21, 2008

BitDefender Antivirus 2008 review

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All the major reviews this year seem to be bent on hailing BitDefender or Kaspersky. You should know that each year it's different; a few years back the tussle was between Norton and McAfee, and after that PC-Cillin and Kaspersky broke in. There always seems to be a general drift towards celebrating a particular antivirus brand.

This year's champ won many hearts with its price tag: a one year subscription for 3 users (yes, that wasn't a typo) costs only $29.95. BitDefender is a vastly improved product in its current incarnation (the current version is 2008), although version 9 (the last one I used) was good too.

BitDefender did a good job cleaning up my PC; it looks sleek these days, and scan speed seems to have slightly improved. Detection rate is top-notch and you get hourly updates. Version 2008 has a Gamer Mode, which basically keeps it quiet while you're busy gaming. It's not really much, but hey, in a competitive market anything counts.

My chief complaint against BitDefender is it eats up a lot of your RAM. And a hell lot: in fact, if you're using an older machine you might even think your PC has crashed for good (I tested it on a 2.0 -something GHz Celeron, and it's going to curse me for the rest of its days). Bottom line: a very good choice if you're on a budget and have lots of RAM (2 GB?), but don't even go near it if you don't.

The good:
- Price tag is knock-out cheap
- Good detection rate
- Improved interface

The bad:
- Slow scan speed

The ugly:
- RAM hog

Price: $29.95 (for 3 users); $24.95 (for 1 user)
Go to: BitDefender website

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