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Sunday, January 20, 2008



What is this?
AV Scan is a blog dedicated to review antivirus software. Our antivirus apps scan our computers for viruses; who scans the antiviruses? Solving that is precisely my idea.

Who're you?
A longtime software junkie and tech journalist. I'm mostly a Windows user, so antivirus software for Windows is my thing.

How do you review them?
I test different home user versions of antivirus software on my computers. Each antivirus deals with the same conditions, and hence the same pool of malware.

How on earth can that be true?
It is. I use imaging software (these days it's Acronis True Image) to restore my computer to a previous state. So it's generally an infected drive which I scan with one antivirus, then restore it to check with another one, and so on.

How come you don't even mention virus names or data?
Are you interested in what a virus is called? I'm not. I want my computer clean, that's all. I'm not particularly interested in data-centric reports myself, because, amazingly, the same antivirus seems to score differently across reviews I read, and I therefore don't find them reliable. But I do plan to include data.

When do you plan to include data?
Soon, but I can't promise exactly when. I've done testing almost all the antivirus software released for this year. The testing process is horribly taxing on my computers, and is extremely time consuming as well. I just don't want to go through that right now. If you see data, you know what happened. Alternatively, I might quote test results from distinguished reviews, although my user experiences frequently contrast their findings.

So is this reliable?
Yes. You have to trust me, the same way you're willing to trust results from a testing lab you've never seen. What I've come up with is a plain-talk user account that can help you decide which antivirus to buy or try out. My intentions are simple: to come up with something that average users will find genuinely useful.

Is there anything else I should know?
All prices mentioned are currently in US$ and generally include a 1-year virus definitions subscription unless otherwise mentioned.

Do you have any other blogs?
Yes! Check out http://techqi.blogspot.com. AV Scan is actually a spin-off of techqi.

Good luck!

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danny said...

I saw your comment at download.com on AVG 8, and decided to read all of your reviews. I agree with most of what you've said, although I like AVG just as much as avast!. You even introduced to me a few programs I had never heard of. Anyway, I thought you might be interested in looking at ClamWin Antivirus. Thanks for your time,