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Monday, January 21, 2008

McAfee VirusScan Plus review

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McAfee could certainly have boasted at one point of time for having bested Norton in popularity rankings. We used to think it was the most 'solid' antivirus program out there, and we were right back then. But excessive RAM congestion has always been McAfee's prime dislikeable feature. Even today if you're running McAfee on an average PC, you'll surely notice an overall performance drop in your desktop experience.

Most other antivirus software have improved greatly, and McAfee can't really claim it's the best or hardest on viruses anymore -- probably in any department. The interface badly needs a sensibility implant (you'll get cautioned if you don't have McAfee Internet Security or Parental Control on). Perhaps the company needs such an implant too: how else would you explain failing to cash on the very useful and popular SiteAdvisor tool? And of course, SiteAdvisor alone can't be enough to hope users will stick around with the antivirus. Among the improvements, McAfee scans links while you're chatting away on AOL or Yahoo IM (though it doesn't support the latest versions till date).

Funny: McAfee won't scan your computer upon installation, but once installed will proclaim you're protected.

The good:
- Good detection rate
- Can scan links within some IMs
- SiteAdvisor

The bad:
- Minor bugs

The ugly:

- The big daddy of RAM hogs
- Clumsy interface

$39.99 (1 user)
Go to: McAfee website

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